A live projection on a white box at the Astra Gallery in the vacated Unceta weapons factory in Gernika April 26, 27, and 28. – 2007. The occasion being the 70th commemorations of the 1937 brutal bombings of civilians, on a monday, a market day in Gernika.


Some impressions from the production in 2005-06 and from one of the events in April 2007. Filmed by Dani Asua and Zigor Extebarria (who also produced the event in Gernika)


In addition to the live-performance projection, the work consisted of two large prints on archival watercolor paper. 110 x 500 cm each


My focus was on the universal feeling of helplessness towards seemingly random, brutal, external, forces taking control of our life. Forces that, without discretion or regard to how a life is lived, take it away.

Related to events of today; it could be a tsunami, as well as unjustified war or a terror bombing. Man-made politically/economically motivated forces from countries or corporations. Decisions made far away, outside the influence or realm of the people that it affects.


The sketch of the hall and the white-painted plywood box. A purpose-built “canvas” with the exact dimensions of Picasso’s painting.

I performed the projection of the IR (infra-red light spectre) time-lapse images and 4-channel sound with a MIDI-controller and different software. With a head microphone, I made live sound over prepared sound-loops sampled from my three visits to Gernika and in front of the Picasso painting with the anglified title “Guernica” at the Reina Sofia in Madrid. The first place this painting was exhibited, after the World Expo in Paris, was at the Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, my home town.


A fourth piece in the Gallery was a video-monitor showing a documentary made by Dani and Zigor, also shown on Basque TV in connection with the event.


The Poster for the events.







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