A 24 hour projection of about 20  twin loops, presented randomly on the newly installed digital projector at the Norwegian Film Institute in Oslo. From Saturday 12.00 to Sunday 12.00, October 2002.



The 24 hour projection with twin loops was part of the Ultima festival:  that year.

One loop was projected onto the large cinema-screen. Another corresponding loop, in full sync, was displayed on a 17” CRT video-monitor, placed by the center front-seats, facing the big screen.

I somehow thought people in the cinema hall would wander in front of the seats to catch what was going on on the little monitor, but this didnt happen much at all. Most visitors came in and found a seat to watch only half of the project.



We adjusted the placement of the 17″ monitor to between rows 3 and 4, but this didn’t help much either.


All the projects consisted of two synced sound loops. One with “spot-sound” played out of two speakers facing the screen, around the 17” monitor, and a larger “bed of sound” on the surround loudspeaker.system in the cinema hall.

The loop of the split water was shown on the monitor. The collected water was projected on the large cinema screen. I quite like it in a one-screen version also.


Outside the hall, by the exit of the cinema hall, were three iron beds with rough army bedclothing and two images depicting a continuous loop.


Middle of the night snack.