On each side of an expanse of water, two men in formal suits approach the shores at the outermost edge of their respective continents. They are shown observing and measuring up the mass of land across the water. Then they start to rotate.

They also show up in each others worlds and, unaware of the other, rotate together.

Observing, and sometimes crossing, geographical, ethnological, secular and sacred divides.

This part of the project has been done on the seafronts facing the Gibraltar strait, where two great continents “touch water” with each other.  – Along the coast road in southern Spain. Going east from the town of Tarifa,  towards Guadalmesi.  Equally in Eddalya and Ksar-es-Sghir, on the coast road going east from Tanger in northern Morocco.

A “behind the scenes” filmed by Kristian and Eirik during the shoot. On the left, from the Moroccan side. On the right, from the Spanish side.

Wherever you go ..there you are