In this project, images, texts and sound, with poetic intent, are written, sampled and evolved in conjunction with each other. Simultaneously. By one “hand” or one sentiment. Traditionally multi-medial collaborations, shaped into “one-hand” expressions.

Kneading… like sculpting with clay, now from the sound or the text-side, now from the image-side. Hopefully achieving “oneness” or coherence in the processes.

I started this project in a period about four years ago, where I travelled extensively and was unable to work at my normal praxis. I had to grab whatever possibilities there where.

Sampling sound and images whilst traveling or waiting for it. Early morning walks in unknown places. Small gaps in the schedule before breakfast or meetings etc.

This has developed into an “aimed” project where feelings and observations, meaning I put onto things occurring in my field of vision,  are worded or represented in a, for me, sometimes new and unexpected manner.

I like words. Words not used as weapons or for empowerment. The words I like are intuitive orderings of thoughts. Reflections on the human condition. I experiment with the reading of the texts. Sometimes fascinated with the inaudibility and my english pronunciation.

The soundscapes are made mostly by sampling my voice or by making sounds from instruments I do not know how to play. Like finger-tapping on a trumpet or stroking the strings of a bass guitar. (A discipline I am developing). Its more about taste, or the experience of hearing fortuitous sounds appear, than actually mastering something. I also listen extensively to the free samples given away with music magazines.

Practicalities:  The “films” are sequenced digital stills photographs from two D2H’s I own and an IR-modified D3 I borrow. Old models, but able to fire of short bursts of 9 fps. A 20 mm and a 60 mm prime lens is all I use. Software: After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Ableton Live, Audition and the odd little 3D-program at times. Pages for writing and editing text in, but this could have been anything. iPhone for recording sketches of text and sometimes actual soundsamples. Mainly a Zoom HD1 and an AKG HSC200 headset-mic. for soundsampling and voice. The finished pieces are 2K in a 21:9 widescreen format for web and D-Cinema projection.

I need deadlines and to break this project into manageable sizes, so I publish a new piece on the 1. of every month here on this page. New ideas, intuitions and development in skills constantly disrupt and change solutions I thought were final, however, so I sometimes remixes of earlier pieces








Wherever you go …there you are