A contemplative look at men and women in transit, searching for information and guidance regarding their journey on the info-screens at an airport. In the projected loop, time is stretched nearly to a breaking point. Making it uncertain whether this is a still-image being projected, or a filmatic sequence (at 25 fps.)


 Please watch in full-screen mode, and give this 5 min. sample a little time to present itself.


With an extremely slow, yet clearly perceptible experience of motion, the piece clandestinely observes individuality in the timing of events in the lives of different people. It is not obvious when an answer to their individual searches is obtained and they can move on.


Some of the still images:


A 12 minute version of this project is meant for cinema hall presentation. The confinement and linearity in the viewing may be the most boring 12 minutes in some peoples life. For others it will be really intense.   –   It challenges the room and that’s how it should be.