The Rocket Machine was built in the late 90’s to show twin film-loops. Loops from “The Sea”, “Approximately Infinite”, “4” and others.
The name alludes to pre-Singularity, or a more naive or optimistic period in the development of technology.


Inside the strongly coloured flight-case there is a floating 16U rack with two 17” CRT monitors. When open, two DVD-players  would hide under the Rocket Machine, positioned so that a pointed handheld controller would start both loops in a semi-synchronized way.



As way leads onto way, other projects took my attention and the Rocket Machine was not shown as much as I would have liked it to. I still like the retro-industrial feel of the monitors and the flight-case, so it feels good to present it here.


The Rocket Machine was also extremely suitable for my remixes of old ephemeral film-footage found on the net. Much of it in the Prelinger Archives.

A fixed camera on the front of the Market street tram. Moving deterministically  along the tracks towards the clocktower of the Ferry building.  The apparently same crew filmed this before and after the San Fransisco Earthquake 1906.


Sending and receiving