revisits / revisited

Things keep turning up in old boxes and filing cabinets. Documentation, memorabilia. Outdated Umatic, Betacam, DV, VHS, and Betamax videotapes from different projects I have done. Also filmreels of 8 and 16mm.
Slowly.. I digitize them and will present them here. Along with other things I come acrosss that catches my attention. No plan really.



Two week exhibit. One week working on a set of large canvases in the gallery space. Then a vernissage for about 1 hour, followed by one week of exhibiting the back of the canvases, the image-side facing the wall. Much to the confusion of the visitors to the gallery.

Photographic images was scanned and printed onto large canvases. (190 x 190 cm) and mounted on stretcher frames. The finishing work on these, painting with bees wax and very wet acrylics, was done in the gallery for a week, with visitors to the gallery walking around in the workplace. Red acrylic photo-metric crosses were added in an attempt to give the pieces an air of objectivity or measurability.

Another part of this project was a film-documentation made by Lars Nilsen and Odd Syse. Working under the same conditions, they filmed and edited in the gallery every day. Showing the filmmaking-process to people who came into the gallery and presented a finished film on the vernissage. This is another edit I made much later from the 4:3 standard Betacam tapes I provided for them.



A piece from the early 90’s, where I tried to combine two projects that I was keen on at the time. A music video with amazing music by the improvisational jazz-trio, JØKLEBA, consisting of Per Jørgensen, Audun Kleive and Jon Balke, and THE METEORITE MAN.

A friend, Jack Van Domburg, had mentioned a children story he was working on. About a man that has a meteorite land on his head, which then gets stuck there. I was really taken by the image, expanded on it a little, and together we began making short film sequences around Oslo with Jack as the character in his fathers old suit. When we had the inspiration ..and the time. Not many people saw this video-work when it was published, so here it is.


Another version. The soundtrack now based on violin-improvisations made by Markus Czwiertnia, recorded at the acousticly intriguing, Emanuel Vigeland museum in Oslo Norway.



Woke up this morning thinking on the wording in the invitation to my first one-man show, at the “Gallery 7”, June 1977.  The gallery was situated in the foyer of the then great Club 7 in Oslo, where I used to hang out almost every night (and sometimes day) for several years. I also worked in Scene 7, the theatre there.  Anyway.. although not a prestigious gallery, it was an extremely fortunate event for me, as the exhibit, surprisingly, got good reviews by the two largest national newspapers here in Norway. This really meant a lot to me at the time.


Maybe influenced by the cool jazz musicians that used to hang out at the club, I, for some reason, decided to sweeten the invite with the absurd added value of music, speeches and colour-TV  –  A friend played the clarinet and I gave an unrehearsed speech. The club had a newly installed Colour TV in one part of the foyer, but the gallery-responsible, Stein Breimo, refused to have it turned on for the event.

Galleri7-A GALLERI-7-B




My debut in a national exhibition. In the autumn that year I was in Indonesia  for two months and just managed to see the exhibition for about an hour on the last day before it closed. It was not very likely for art-photographers to be accepted at the autumn exhibition then. (I think Kåre Kivijarvi was the first, 1970 or 71)
In 1979 I was asked to be part of the national jury, as a representative for FFF, so things moved fast, my eyes at least.

Looking for this image in my storage I found others from the same period that was good for me to revisit.
A childhood friend had posed for this image, taken in the gymnastic hall at the F.G.O.  An experimental college we both attended.

A 50 year anniversary for this really interesting school-experiment is coming up later this year.
Here’s the school annual group photograph 71, taken by Lasse Kwetzinsky.
So many cool and interesting people !  Double-click on it to get a full screen.




Another early project ..half a lifetime later. (1985)
Relieving standard household objects from conventions or bindings. Dreaming up other stories :  Photographers gallery, Oslo

Skjermbilde 2016-03-08 kl. 22.53.45Skjermbilde 2016-03-08 kl. 22.47.19





For a long time I have been intrigued by life, and living, striving for standstill. The quietening of the body and mind. The small, yet quite perceptible micro-movements that still occur. Measuring, perhaps in a quasi-scientific way, this movement – the “Standstill”.

These particular loops are interpreting and enlarging micromovements as focused on in the Sverm-project at UiO
Which in my world does not mean presenting minimal or non-movement of course.

I published a new short loop with poetic intent, the work going where it wanted to go, observations from this research and practice, on the 1. of every month from october 2012 to the 1. of january 2013.  4 loops in all.

I was curious to see the individual loops in the context of a swarm-environment and made this piece.




A sitespecific piece for a group-exhibit at the Dikemark mental hospital just outside Oslo (KRV 2016) Based on an appropriated image of some active Norwegian art photographers (around 1987 I think) I found it on the mantelpiece in the FFF meeting room in Oslo and snapped it with my mobile.  Can’t remember who photographed the original I’m afraid, so unable to give credit.

I removed one of the artists (not myself) from the group. The original photograph, also behind glass, was hidden from view on the back of the framed manipulated image.

The title of the piece hinted at a more complex story.



I had asked for it to be hung very discreetly, and they found a place in a kitchen between two exhibition halls  –  I really liked the way visitors hardly seemed to notice it at all.

Some added value in that all the other artists in the picture had three-letter first names.