Where it is ..or what it is. 

My studio windows face the track of the T-bane (Oslo public transport).
For about one hour in the early morning and in the early evening, monday to friday,  6. to 28. of January 2018, I projected a new animation-loop onto transparent screens in these windows.

The projections could be observed by travellers, possibly on their way to, or coming home from work, for approx. 3-4 seconds whilst shooting past my house. (…if they sat on the proper side in the tram-coach).

In an environment with deterministic, seemingly forseeable, timing in the events, viewers had to make meaning out of a fragment of the information given in the projected loops.

The daily loops were all produced the previous day from different sketches on my hard drives.

The day’s loop was also uploaded to a RaspberryPi connected to a largish flatscreen monitor in the Bærum Kunstforening Gallery.  There they would loop through the day, during the gallery’s opening hours.

In the Gallery the viewer was given freedom to align the narrative.  Turn away, or come back to the project, themselves choosing the timing in the reading.



There were 15 loops in all.

Some stills :