A sitespecific piece for a group-exhibit at the Dikemark psychiatric hospital just outside Oslo 2016. Based on an appropriated image of some active Norwegian art photographers (around 1987 I think). I found it on the mantelpiece in the FFF meeting room in Oslo and snapped it with my mobile.  There was no information on the photograper of the original I’m afraid, so unable to give credit.



As an incursion, I removed one of the artists (not myself) from the group.
The original group photo was hidden from view on the back of the framed, historically falsified, image.

The title of the piece hinted at a more complex story.

I had asked for it to be hung very discreetly, and they found a place in a kitchen between two exhibition halls  –  I really liked the way visitors hardly seemed to notice it at all.

Some added value in that all the other ( exceptional!! ) artists ( Jim Bengston, Dag Alveng, Fin Serck-Hansen, Tom Sandberg ) in the group-photo, all had three-letter first names.



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