This, in 1975, was my debut in a national exhibition.

In the autumn that year I was in Indonesia for two months and just managed to see the exhibition for about an hour on the last day, a Sunday, before it closed. It was a bit unusual for photographic artists to be accepted at the autumn exhibition at the time so I was really pleased.

In 1979 I was asked to be part of the national jury, as a representative for FFF, so things moved fast ..in my eyes at least.

A friend had posed for this image, taken in the gymnastic hall at the F.G.O.  An experimental college we both attended (70-73). Looking for this in my storage, I found others from the same period that was good for me to revisit.

The 50 year anniversary of this really interesting school-experiment is coming up later this year. (NRK film: Opprørskolen)
Here’s the school´s annual group-photo 71 by Lasse Kwetzinsky.
So many cool and interesting people in their formative years. Double-click on it to get a full screen.

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