Woke up this morning thinking on the wording in the invitation to my first one-man show, at the “Gallery 7”, June 1977.  The gallery was situated in the foyer of the amazing Club 7 in Oslo, where I used to hang out almost every night (and sometimes day) for years. I also worked at Scene 7, an experimental theatre-group there.

Anyway..  though not a prestigious gallery, it was an extremely fortunate event for me, as the exhibit, surprisingly, got very good reviews in the two largest national newspapers here in Norway.


Maybe influenced by the cool jazz musicians that used to hang out at the club, I, for some reason, decided to sweeten the invite to the opening with the absurd added value of music, speeches and colour-TV  –  A friend played the clarinet and I gave an unrehearsed speech. The club had a newly installed Colour TV in one part of the foyer, but the gallery-responsible, Stein Breimo, refused to have it turned on for the event.


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