A piece from the early 90’s, where I tried to combine two projects that I was keen on at the time. A music video with amazing music by the improvisational jazz-trio, JØKLEBA, consisting of Per Jørgensen, Audun Kleive and Jon Balke, and THE METEORITE MAN.

A friend, Jack Van Domburg, had mentioned a children story he was working on. About a man that has a meteorite land on his head, which then gets stuck there. I was really taken by the image, expanded on it a little, and together we began making short film sequences around Oslo with Jack as the character in his fathers old suit. When we had the inspiration ..and the time.

Another version. The soundtrack here based on violin-improvisations by Markus Czwiertnia. We recorded this at the acoustically intriguing, Emanuel Vigeland museum in Oslo Norway.


In the late 80´s I made a few, very low budget, music videos from artists that I loved.

Two of these here, with music published by KKV (Kirkelig Kulturverksted)

Kari Bremnes 1989

Jørn Simen Øverli – 1989

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