Four days of working on a set of large canvases in the gallery space. Then a vernissage for about 1 hour, followed by one week of exhibiting the back of the canvases, the image-side facing the wall. Much to the confusion of visitors to the gallery.

Photographic images were scanned and printed onto the large canvases (190 x 190 cm) and mounted on stretcher frames. The finishing work on these, painting with bees wax and very wet acrylics, was done in the gallery in four working days, with visitors to the gallery walking around in the workplace. Red acrylic photo-metric crosses was then added in an attempt to give the pieces an air of objectivity or measurability.

Another part of this project was a documentation made by Lars Nilsen and Odd Syse. Working under the same conditions, they filmed and edited in the gallery every day. Showing the filmmaking-process to people who came into the gallery and presented a finished film on the vernissage. This is an edit I made much later from the digitized 4:3 standard Betacam tapes.

The naivistic “smalltalk”-poster for the event just turned up in an old planchest

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