On a vista of land, sea and sky, animated symbols and images floats across 4 screens. My first exhibition with moving images at the “Fotografia”-Gallery,  Oslo 1999. A significant departure for me.

Impressions from the opening, (filmed by Jack Van Domburg)

4 synchronized movie-streams were shown on the four monitors, The elements floated across the screens as if a single image.  4 Mpeg-2 streams synchronized via 4 cards in an Apple 9600-computer. This was not exactly easy to do in 1999, without a good budget. I had great help.

Some of the combinations on the monitors

A digital print in an edition of 25 was also part of the project.   (h.44 x w.110 cm)

Parts of the project was later shown as a big screen/small screen version in  “Approximately infinite” at the National Film Institute, Oslo 2002, and also published on the DVD: “4”  in a one-screen, diptych, version 2000.

I forgot to document the exhibition properly. Here’s the illustration that was used on the the invitation to the opening: