Thinking I had spotted a new arena for artists, I spent the first decade of this century focusing on the possibilities of live performed projection on the new digital cinema-projectors that were then being installed in cinema halls. Poetic film-experiences, edited live via MIDI-controllers in front of an audience.

Culminating with these two events under the ceremoniously and slightly pretentious title: “DET DIGITALPOETISKE SEMINAR” (The DigitalPoetic Seminar) in November and December 2011

I tried working with performing partners at the National Film Institute in Oslo.  The ambition was to develop the events into a series that would showcase artist’s live-work in spaces that over many decades have been purpose-built and honed to achieve the best experience of a projected image and electro-accoustic sound.

Also to maybe eventually explore other possibilities inherent in digital cinema spaces. Connecting, simultaneously performing or sharing programme with other artists in other digital cinema halls, wherever in the world they may be located. The technical solutions are there, at least.

Other projects have since taken my focus and this project has been put on hold, but I’m still really exited about the possibilities in live remixing poetic film and sound-pieces. Imagery, text and soundscapes developed and performed at their intuitive moments. Also the unexpected twists and turns with musicians I had the good fortune to work with,   ..and basically just experiencing and experimenting in the warm, fuzzy cocoon of a cinema hall.

November 6th:         Kjell Tore Innervik  –  Morten Halle             

December 4th:          Jon Balke               Guest: Tone Myskja 

Live 5.1 sound mix in the Cinema hall on the december event by Asle Karstad

More documentation from these two events will be published (..eventually).