A project making meaning, or meaningfulness, out of grammatical phrases or words passing by. The ever-changing focus in this, will be published on the 1. day of each month. Starting now. ( 1. February 2024 )

Words are Words as they say. We.., are the ones filled with meaning.


Run  Hike   Jump    Explore    Adapt     Swim     Accomplish

Laugh    Climb    Build    Dance    Cry   Collaborate   Sing

Smile    Write  Hug   Develop   Read   Kiss   Discover    Think

Evaluate   Paint   Solve   Execute   Fly   Draw   Create   Speak   Cook   

Imagine  Innovate   Paint  Eat  Inspire   Drink   Plant   Motivate

Sleep   Clean   Navigate   Solve   Wake   Organize

Play  Listen  Help    Plan   Laugh    Support    Think   Learn   Solve  

Design    Teach    Reflect   Help   Play   Conquer   Strategize   Listen   Work  

Succeed   Study   Achieve   Teach    Repair   Drive   Compete 

Transform   Volunteer     Relax    Uncover   Skate   Travel   Understand  

Meditate    ——     Visualize



Contemplating the intricate tapestries.  Weaving within the images, ..strong inclinations emerge. A yearning to share the wonder in these fragments. Conventional modes of documentary  portrayal, meticulously amalgamated and transformed into new meanings, take precedence. The images transcend the boundaries of visual representation, and invite more profound intellectual engagement. They beckon to explore the fluid interplay between form and essence, transcending the limitations of empirical observation. Resisting the urge to confine these enigmas within linear narratives, we desire to delve deeper into the emotions concealed beneath the surface, There is an unmistakable aspiration to converse through philosophical admiration, and liberate the expressions from prosaic restraints. Within this collection of fragments, a grand narrative unveils, weaving temporal and spatial constellations into a cosmic symphony of genesis and renewal. Thus, we entreat discerning minds drawn to the allure of the abstract, to indulge in this creative endeavor. Let the words be imbued with abstraction, stimulating the dormant profundities residing within the realms of cognition. With a spirit of intellectual exploration, we embark on a journey,  freeing ourselves from the confines of conventional modes. Our journey traverses the territories of the miraculous and the enigmatic, inviting manifold epiphanies through a dance of fragmented impressions. In this vast cosmos, we find cryptic revelations awaiting those who open their minds to perceptive and profound inquiry. Ultimately, these images and their evocative descriptions beckon us to elevate our understanding. To transcend the ordinary, and to embrace the enigmatic wonders.The axioms. The unquestionables.  The introverted extroverts. The exoteric esoterics ..and the other ones.

The AI related events. Glueing things together, ..on top of each other.