Words are Words as they say. We.., are the ones filled with meaning.

A project making meaning, or meaningfulness, out of grammatical phrases, words, sounds and imagery, passing by.

The ever-changing focus on this, will be published here, in three stages, at the beginning of each month.

Starting now, February 2024.


Cancelling the intermediates, and also the «Now’s». Saturating the nerves. Sweating out the estimates. Running towards these difficulties. Overexcited. Overcoming the wonderful news. When is our next sleep we wonder. And why do we have to be there. 

Absorbed in this, more than any other themes, it frequently happens to the loving family, Deep and controlled moves, gently rocking along with it, ..and THEM. Seeing it becoming better. Longing for it. Alone with it.

Some things are for the better and some things are for the worse. We divide and share what we have. Not having any use, or news, from this, ..there it was. Another masterpiece to be created. This way or that way, would change into another day. And the better for it. 

Not trying to blend in, we say those three things and observe how it develops..

…and why the pain is constant.

It would change the smallest imprint necessary in an artistic practice. Clinging onto another handy bag, is just a change of context, surrounding another painful view. Having a household is pain, and not having a household is pain also.

The regard towards us as feed. Everything embracing these follies, does not turn that way. The dualities waking up now, on either side of these diversities. Can it be another. ..on the other side,  Seeing «is» as «was». 

Every word we put our youthful trust in. Wishing them well and stabilizing their fears. In full swing. To us it all fades into longer nights. On closer investigation, we are in reality learning new things. Being aware of it. Looking at it, and quoting the many shortcuts. Admiring the collective.

Perceiving the ordinariness of ALL miracles. We want them. Here and now. There ..and then. Checking out their guilty pleasures, one caller after the next. The ones removed from these illustratives. The not knowing sadness of it all.

Another morning passenger, packed within many layers, swimming out to sea now. The others will not, or cannot, do this, and still feel the hurt. Another step in the wrong direction. Another return.

Sad to see this go.

Stone monuments will last for a long time, but, even stone will change. You are here. Why travel then ? Leave, and things will change.  In other lives, …to become something different. Every time we go somewhere, we leave something. We dont know where, but we are still looking for it.

Words floating on water. Thoughts along a river. A life within traveling. Hanging on to change and a book about it. Traveling in spirit and free will.  Listening above and beyond. Not being able to live where they are looking for a safe place, the advice we need is already there.

Getting to know other selves, other bodies. Some will know, but they are not telling. Starting somewhere. Ending something else. Moon-dust maybe, ..maybe not. It has to go is what is said. Keeping on looking till there is nothing more to see.  Hating contradictions and the words for it.

Always the last while enjoying every second of this sensibility. The rain continuing outside. Inside, ..the cultivated, the cultured, and the miserables, are lied to. All at once and not for long. Counting all the leaves on a tree. Saving the number for future reference. 

Standing in new challenges. Trying to receive what is coming on, The continuity in the dualistic …in the dualisms. Like a breeze, neither warm, nor cold, yesterdays rain not letting go. 

Where is home ? 


Ignorant of others staring from the mirrors. Recognising the wanting and the need, all is happening at the same time. How to relive this, Not to hope for anything at all. Someone else’s turn to listen. Not valuing the words, but accepting that they are meaningful.

The normalities upsetting the pointlessness. Noone noticing us entering these lighthouses. where no light is lit. Looking out for nothing. What shall we make of such contradictions.   Stepping up against these archetypes, they only dissolve that which can dissolve itself.   ..and then on, and on then. 

In the travelers distresses that we are all part of, there are charges against the drama of feeling better. Seeking refuge in society. The trying inviting us in. Fleeing through our fingers. Much like promises.

A good shape,-  but too soft, we say. Told to feel something precious on the other side of the tears. To be invited in at all, is not mystical. It is simply an element to hurry the blinding of these silences. What is reality? What is understandable in the visible shadows that do not exist ?  

Either you find yourself or loose yourself in this individuality

Here and now are not conclusive. There and then not either. Going in the same direction. The past running away with the future. Staring into mirrors that never was. Looking into eyes that never will be.

Our struggle is the struggle for no thing. Going to where, what, or where is. When in time, its usually  too late. 

Long meanings shortened. Short sayings elongated. A consonance is what is not dissonant, and a dissonance is what is not consonant. The things we are striving for, in a morning after a day before. Where there is a lid, there should be a box. Leaving things unsaid, every thing has consequences. The story, and the life of it. Lifting our eyes to read the faces, ..to find family.

We are still on our way. Telling old stories and,  ..how to get there. Always turning towards that which we no longer see. Wether the lost will come back, wether the doubts will be stolen by unborn historians.

Even if we loose it all, we still have everything.

Number-games must be true. The tonic becoming the toxin. Confusing similarity with source. Such a good, everchanging, soluble life. Two subclasses opposed to each other by contradiction, 

Unchanging, inconstancies, The fragilities, of life in true or false. A man that loves to be a poet and the man that cannot help himself. Things will turn into something else, which, influenced by chaos, turns into something else.

 Sooner or later everything turns into everything. The precision of circumstance. The happenstance of incidents. 

A table or a piano. Mass – frequency ..the informative objects. Differences of quantity and of quality, establishing equalities and inequalities. «Understanding” a text, different from “explaining” a text, 

One is given only two choices when in fact other options are available. Life in sync with slow temporalities, eternity. matter and spirit. Time is short and slipping fast. Believing that which we neither feel, nor see or comprehend. Similarities and differences in mutual exclusivity. 


In the passage of time, the past is as present as we want the future to be.

Each tense a story, both of the past and the present, forever in view. 

Days long gone, both yours and mine. while past continuous are painting scenes  The present beckons, awaiting newer strokes. Unwritten tales, 

Past perfect, a whisper of what once has been  

As time continues to grow. Events completes before new ones begin. 

Still, we find our rhythm, but not letting this bind us.

In the Past Perfect Continuous Tense  ..an Imperfect fit 

In the present. in our choices, the future awaits. The past whispers softly, weaving into the memories. 

Each moment a thread, Each thread a story intertwined. A journey forever begun.

 In the dance of days. In the course of time. 

Past and present moments completes behind sealed unseen doors.

In motion, past continuous unfold moments of ongoing flow, until the past and present entwine 

Waiting for dreams to app  ear, past meets present’s canvas when events align. 

Past perfect reveals what came before, in the midst of events.  

Actions completed, ..yet past perfect continuous, a tale of ongoing flow.

Past perfect delves into what came before this ..to understand more.  

And past perfect continuous, ..a lens into the past with clarity. 

Actions unfold. – Their stories untold.   

Past perfect, a tale of events long gone, A whisper of completion, a reference to what came before. 

Verbs constructing narratives, precise and clear. In their own unique way,  capturing the ongoing actions. 

Past perfect continuous, ..before something, there is new, narrative action, 

Where ideas take flight. Where knowledge is spread. Weaving a tapestry of time’s intricate threads, .

From past continuous to perfect and beyond. In the sphere where language is a bond. 

ONE, may choose the simple past, where another may choose the present perfect.

Starting  – ending – starting again.  Ability and Need. The simple past used for completed action.  

Underwhelmed by the words. Unable to take advantage of the free opportunities. 

It makes everything plausible and everything all right.  It’s an art project, logic doesn’t make any sense…

A system is mentioned, not distrusted or discouraged.  And then another one.  Dont stop there… !  

  Outside the flock.. If you lean in, there is information. What you are finding.. not what you are looking for.

Loosing yourself, saving the world,  To be such a man. 


We take it closer – Narrower – Distanter

Starting  – Ending – Starting again

Supporting – Holding back  –  Into Anonymity

Ability – and Need.

To be Everywhere –  On the way to somewhere else.

Thinking this – Before and after the doing

To search and never to find  – To become, and then To be

In weather and there again – Some themes are Universal

In the static –  In the changeable



Run  Hike   Jump    Explore    Adapt     Swim     Accomplish

Laugh    Climb    Build    Dance    Cry   Collaborate   Sing

Smile    Write  Hug   Develop   Read   Kiss   Discover    Think

Evaluate   Paint   Solve   Execute   Fly   Draw   Create   Speak   Cook   

Imagine  Innovate   Paint  Eat  Inspire   Drink   Plant   Motivate

Sleep   Clean   Navigate   Solve   Wake   Organize

Play  Listen  Help    Plan   Laugh    Support    Think   Learn   Solve  

Design    Teach    Reflect   Help   Play   Conquer   Strategize   Listen   Work  

Succeed   Study   Achieve   Teach    Repair   Drive   Compete 

Transform   Volunteer     Relax    Uncover   Skate   Travel   Understand  

Meditate    ——     Visualize



Contemplating the intricate tapestries.  Weaving within the images, ..strong inclinations emerge. A yearning to share the wonder in these fragments. Conventional modes of documentary  portrayal, meticulously amalgamated and transformed into new meanings, take precedence. The images transcend the boundaries of visual representation, and invite more profound intellectual engagement. They beckon to explore the fluid interplay between form and essence, transcending the limitations of empirical observation. Resisting the urge to confine these enigmas within linear narratives, we desire to delve deeper into the emotions concealed beneath the surface, There is an unmistakable aspiration to converse through philosophical admiration, and liberate the expressions from prosaic restraints. Within this collection of fragments, a grand narrative unveils, weaving temporal and spatial constellations into a cosmic symphony of genesis and renewal. Thus, we entreat discerning minds drawn to the allure of the abstract, to indulge in this creative endeavor. Let the words be imbued with abstraction, stimulating the dormant profundities residing within the realms of cognition. With a spirit of intellectual exploration, we embark on a journey,  freeing ourselves from the confines of conventional modes. Our journey traverses the territories of the miraculous and the enigmatic, inviting manifold epiphanies through a dance of fragmented impressions. In this vast cosmos, we find cryptic revelations awaiting those who open their minds to perceptive and profound inquiry. Ultimately, these images and their evocative descriptions beckon us to elevate our understanding. To transcend the ordinary, and to embrace the enigmatic wonders.The axioms. The unquestionables.  The introverted extroverts. The exoteric esoterics ..and the other ones.

The AI related events. Glueing things together, ..on top of each other.