In the 1930’s, after making  “Le sang d’un poéte“,  Jean Cocteau famously exclaimed: “Film will not become an artistic medium until it is as easy to execute as picking up a pencil and writing on a piece of paper”.  I once read an American-english translation of this, that was: “..until it becomes as inexpensive as picking up a pen and writing on a piece of paper”

In this project I investigate both.

In a practice where I make myself dependent on the generosity of others, the work is triggered by material objects I find around my house or studio. That I discover in flea-markets around Oslo, or are lent or given to me by friends or strangers.

I mix this with samples of impressionable words and sounds, also passing by.

Animating the inanimate objects. Inducing them with movement and purpose. Trying to discover their inherent magic.
Placing depth and meaning there.

Sightlines shift when you let go of the planning and presentation stages in a project.  Sailing away on the interaction with others. Not trying to foresee or speculate. Depending on the unexpected.

Becoming aware of rhythms and patterns in this “povera”.

For the project I have 3-4 setups in my studio with different lighting and photographic positions. During the workday I move from one to the other. Tending these patches, ..much like a farmer would do.

Its time-consuming work.
Fortunately the only thing needed is a SPACE to work in. A basic TOOLSET of soft and hardware. TIME to focus on the progress and gain knowledge in the tools. And ELECTRICITY of course, to ignite the digital on-and-off‘s of this particular world.