one, seven, three, five

Rhythms, patterns and coded meaning.


“one, seven, three, five” is an ongoing project, revisiting negatives from the many analog projects I have made over the years.

In the digitizing-process I actively remove any information I find on the archived negative-sleeves. About who.., when.., or where the imagery stem from.

This allows for new ways to re-enter the stories, re-living the sentiments.


Like fragments of a whole, a life maybe, the many formats of negatives no longer appear to be individual or separate instances.

Samples of time and place, yet belonging only to themselves.

Estranged from their inherent narrative, they become the alphabet, or grammar, in new photographic composites or remixes.
Frozen moments ..for a while. Until, another intuition, they catch a new wave of inspiration.

In this practice there is no permanence. Never ending change. The possibility for any given moment to retell itself.


One, seven, three, five

The truth you search for cannot be grasped.

As night advances, a bright moon

illuminates the whole ocean

The dragon jewels are found in every wave.

Looking for the moon, it is here,

in this wave, in the next.                                        Hs’ueh-tou (980-1052)

Etc. etc.