There are interesting and transferable patterns in the fluid behavior in the murmurations of flocking birds. Produced entirely by deterministic rules.

Central is the observation that flocks form without a leader. The cohesive appearance stems from observation and attention from each individual bird onto the six or seven closest birds. By moving according to the impulses and distances of the surrounding birds, any miniscule movement will ripple through the flock.

Seminal changes in the course of our culture has been instigated by relatively small groups of peers. Colleagues, in important phases of their development. Sitting round a coffee table maybe. Aware of each others movements, mirroring and acting on the others responses.

We benefit from identifying these flocks, ..but maybe also to keep an eye on the lone swallow, or lark. Circling skywards. Singing from an inner joy. Until, ..out of air, out of breath, having to slide all the way down to the ground. There to start the circling and the singing again.

Safety for new generations. A single self-healing organism. A thing of beauty, impossible to ignore. Urban centers to be tapped into. Great changes. Commerce revived. Performing these displays in compelling style. A life insisting on belonging. Fires lit by the many weaker glows. Nothing existing outside of this movement.  Nothing in common with ourselves. In and out of swarms, the thoughts hastens – hurrying across the table. Faint moves in nearly-dried laquer. Keeping track of the others. Distancing from them. “Alignment”, “Separation”, and “Cohesion”. One watches over and one watches under. Whispering failed plans. Doubting the collected memories. Making sure they rapidly formulate into ..your likemindedness. Some say six, but no names are removed from the seven.  Not many there to appreciate such an exercise in dying.  Encounter after disappointing encounter.  Turning to move in the same direction.  Weaving and negotiating to avoid others getting close. One rule overriding the other. Being single is always more risky. Always forwards, at the same constant speed. A unified team, a bridge brought to land. Sustaining the cohesive force. Fending off intruders and dangers. Admiring neighbours in their search for the not-miracolous. Working hard for this. Believing in the sacrifice. ..There are no random numbers used in this model.