A contemplative observation of men and women in transit. Searching for information and guidance regarding their journey on the info-screens at an airport.  With an extremely slow, yet clearly perceptible experience of motion, time in this loop is stretched nearly to a breaking point.

It becomes uncertain whether a still-image is being projected, or if this is a filmatic sequence.

 Please watch in full-screen mode, and give this 5 min. sample a little time to present itself.

The piece clandestinely observes individuality in the timing of events in the lives of different people. It is not obvious when an answer to their search is obtained and they can move on.

In an ideal setting, a monumental format in the projection of these “non-movements” would strengthen and give depth to the experience. With a free floor in front of the projection, one can walk up to the larger-than-life versions of the “seekers”, observing details in the changes, or stand back and take in the whole piece.

On smaller screens, loops reflecting the larger projection;   

Image, text and sounds with poetic intent, written, sampled, worked and reworked, more or less simultaneously.

Kneading this… like sculpting with clay. Now from the sound or the text-side, now from the image-side. Hopefully achieving “oneness” or coherence in the processes.

Traditionally multi-medial collaborations shaped into “one-hand” expressions.

I started this particular journey some years ago, in a period where I travelled extensively, without being able to influence the choice of destinations. Or the conversations.

Unable to work at my normal practice, I had to grab whatever possibilities there where. Sampling sound and images whilst travelling or waiting for this. Early morning walks in unknown places. Small gaps in the schedule before breakfast or meetings.

The project, along with my: INTO THE MENDICANT-project, is constantly being remixed and reworked, hopefully reaching their potential before I publish.