TRAIN PASSING ..DOG RUNNING a monthly exhibition in the LHK-144 GALLERY . Each showing two images selected from 120 motives made monthly, over 10 years, from January 2011 to December 2020 in a «secret» art-project I named «LHK» 

What is hidden must come to light, as they say, so from January 2021 this “secretive” project is flipped around and will be published in monthly events.

I invite into the project, sought after, Curators, Gallerists, Artists and Art Critics that has been recommended to me and I hold in high esteem.

A monthly curator that will select two of the monthly images that speaks to them, and they feel, side by side, will create an interesting diptych.

The second exhibit in the gallery, January 15. to February 15. – 2021. Kindly curated by  Miina Hujala

Image on the left from November 2012. On the right, January 2011

The LHK-144 gallery displays the two selected prints in the windows. The other 118 prints are out of view, on wires behind. The two chosen images are lit with fresnel theatre-spots for them to be seen at all hours.

The visibility of the exhibit is mainly from the coaches of the Oslo public tram-system, (T-bane) Whizzing by the gallery in about 3-4 seconds every 15 minutes. (if you sit on the right side in the carriage, of course)..

..a distant street view, and also on the web where I will publish as widely and effectively as I can. In social media and other forums that I access.

A key ingredient in the project is the unlikeliness of having central curators take interest and part in something that seemingly has such limited and very local visibility. Investigating the insularities and normative practises of the art-scene ( ..maybe also discovering my own )

Previous exhibits :

The first exhibit in the gallery, January 15. to February 15. – 2021, was kindly curated by Maaretta Jaukkuri