I am much intrigued by artist run gallery-spaces. I was never a part of this scene. Over the last few years however, I have been turning a former garage in my courtyard into a gallery to present and to communicate the LHK-project. Our house is at no. 144.  This gave the name.

To insure progress in the work, I needed managable deadlines. For this, the LHK-144 gallery has taken part in an annual local “art walk” :  Kunst rett Vest. This takes place one or two weekends in September or October annually. 


For the 2015 event, the build was upgraded extensively.



I also tried out the construction of a frame with stretched wire, attached to the ceiling beams. This to slide the eventual 120 monthly images, from the ten years of the LHK-project, in and out of view.


The gallery is now practically finished and works well for its purpose.